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About Us

Great visionaries always aim at an all-round enhancement of human personality, believing that each and every individual is an important unit in the total structure of the ‘World-society’. It is highly significant to work at the root level to let a tree grow magnificently. Our great beloved and honorable Sh. Madan lal Middha knew that formal education, worldly knowledge and technical modernity without moral values and spiritual awareness cannot make the world an ideal place to live in. He foresaw the dire need of social upliftment along with spiritual enlightenment fully realizing that the two are complementary to each other. He took a keen interest in promoting education.

The Management and information technology revolution that ushered in our country in the early 1990’s spread its wings throughout Punjab state except in this region. Resultantly, young students of this area could not kept in pace with the developments in this field. Our great beloved and revered, Sh. Madan Lal Mddha perceived this gap and blessed all of us with the wisdom of starting courses in the field of Computer, Electronics etc so that the youth of this area can develop matchless skills to compete anywhere in the World.

The Management of the college is fully dedicated to the cause of education, environmental awareness, training program, Blood donation camps etc. The nearby students are also being provided one to one counseling for their future. Our prestigious institution has proved that intelligence, diligence and proper guidance can surely produce exemplary results everywhere.